I have always enjoyed getting my hands dirty and been comfortable in the wild.

But this post is about the recent intuition and guidance I have received to suggest I take it up a notch, so I am experimenting with where I am sourcing power from and how I connecting to energetic support. 

When I think about it now this is the most obvious, the thing that is under my nose and in my face, that I am most obsessed with, Nature. 

I remember being moved powerfully as a girl when I learnt of how there were endangered species from the direct impact of our environmental damage done by humans (in 1990's), I was horrified by the lack of respect I saw for this precious planet! 

It has always been an instinct of mine to look to the elements, nature and the cycles of this earth for answers or guidance.

My own spiritual practice* deepened beyond my imagination when I realised that I could interpret any reference to the Devine Mother, Ma Shakti, the Madonna and in fact the use of the word 'god' as way of describing this same precious planet ie, Mother Earth and her power.

*[attention to my true Self, or attempting to findsomething that resembles a divine expression of pure consciousness] 

So I have decided to bring this practice to the forefront of my contemplations and what I offer.

Specifically trees, this year I can finally explain that I experience a very supportive and healing energy from these giants. In November I will facilitate a walk in Epping Forest the invitation will be to bring a deeper awareness to that experience of feeling for the wisdom and the medicine available when surrounded by trees and plants. 

In my own practice I am be attempting to harness wisdom and power in order to transmit this through the various offerings of yoga, meditation, gardening and food growing.

I am also looking for guidance from those already leading such work, so welcome any tips and promise to report back.

Also in November I am honoured to be offering the yoga practice in a Root Chakra Yoga & Mindful Flower Arranging workshop hosted by Head & Hands at Leyton Yoga (my two favourites) which also will include a seasonal flower meditation, followed by the forming of your own bouquet to take home! I am beyond excited by this opportunity to combine two of my biggest passions yoga and plants - in case you were in any doubt the yoga will of course be a slow flowing, grounding release. unwinding you and connecting you to the earth. Booking essential as numbers very limited.

Visit Head and Hands to find out more and please do come to Leyton Yoga to their beautiful shop. 

link to regular classes is here...


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