These are my pillars of self care.
More important than ever this month, as I/we run from post to post, to get all the things done, to be at all the places, dot all the 'i's and cross all the 't's. I know that I need to watch myself or else things go 'tits up' and I quickly feel disconnected, shambolic and out of control. frazzled, off centre, discombobulated. 

Subsequently I bury myself and nothing happens at all. I find myself stuck and stagnant in a place without choice or freedom, playing catch up with the world that is supposedly of my own manifestation, and yet doesn't feel connected to me at all.

I am starting to feel it already. So this is my practice for December to remember what tools and practices I already know and seek out what I know I need.

As I digest the current state of the world we live in, I am sure that it is this state of losing control and disconnection from centre that is responsible for the wrong decisions that humanity keeps making, be that socially or environmentally.