I love to take yoga outside of studios. Making it available to others that wouldn't consider Yoga otherwise, but might benefit most. 

Yoga doesn't have to be expensive or just for bendy people! I have worked in schools (with teachers and students), at community events and with specific community groups.  


For those that struggle getting up from a yoga mat.

This practice is great for maintaining balance, strength, mobility and body awareness.

Accessible for all regardless of age, body or experience. 


Do you know, work with or belong to a group that would like a yoga teacher?

Maybe you want to keep it all women, perhaps you work with a group of refugees or boxers?

I am always interested in meeting your group to discuss your specific needs.


Long day, commuting, poor sitting postures and eating at your desk #glamourlunch can make a more stressed and inefficient workforce.  Yoga in the office is a great way to address these issues!  As anxiety, depression, sick days and obesity are increasing, it makes sense to invest in corporate well being.

I offer 3 options:

  • Taster sessions

  • Regular weekly Yoga classes,

  • Wellness days, including a healthy fresh vegan lunch and reflexology and head and neck massage sessions.

Classes can be scheduled early morning, during lunch hours and after office hours.

Key benefits include relief from stress, anxiety and insomnia resulting in higher staff retention, enhanced motivation and creativity, reduced absenteeism and a greater sense of team and work morale.