You certainly don't get anywhere if you just drift. 

A young person, once said ‘Jessica: she just floats’ at the time I was thought it was cool to float and was happy to hear this but now days I am not so sure. I love to joke in class, when we arrive at Savasana that this is the bit we come to yoga for. This was true for me once, I went to yoga classes to relax, I enjoyed dropping out of my mind into my body.

I've had a yoga practice on and off since 2000, but in 2007 it got serious, I was learning to handstand and arm balance, I went to regular classes and practiced with the same teachers and people. Without planning this regular practice turned into rehab from a toxic relationship, a season of what I now know to be self sabotage and self destruction.  
As I cleared the numbness from my heart, brain and liver things started to happen: emotional releases and thoughts would come to me during and after class.
It got deeper and fiery, the greater the fire, the clearer the messages. I was starting to boil and clarify the murky waters I had been floating in for so long. This was good, but hard and sometimes hurt as it turned out to be a rocky and turbulent process.

regular practice turned into rehab from a toxic relationship 

The conditioning I had been living with that included not speaking up: not saying yes to what i wanted, or no to what i didn't, what I thought, not standing my ground, not being open to the possibility I could do anything I wanted, was evaporating in the heat.

Without this fire in my practice I would not be writing this today. If I am ever unsure of something, I know the place to listen and to act from: Inside.  

To me Yoga is magic in the way, it can’t be undone. The listening is meditation, observation of my thoughts and feelings.
So now I teach from this place, in my class you will have creative movement, a safe and challenging ‘workout’. You will hopefully find it relaxing and float away like I still do sometimes, or you might find you start to get a deeper and more connected relationship with the truth at your centre.

I have practiced and studied with teachers that make me feel this in my own body that have a mastery of movement and the human body. Since 2013 I have been training to teach yoga I have studied intensively with Leila Sadeghee since 2008 and in 2014 began my teacher training with her, Bridget Luff and Tara Judelle. I am accredited as a 200 hours qualified Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance UK, and studied therapeutics with Ross Rayburn, I am studying Restorative Yoga. I have studied meditation with Sally Kempton and yoga mythology and fearlessness with Sianna Sherman. I am part of a huge tribe of like hearted yogis called the European Yogi Nomads.

In honour and in service of the journey that brought me to this place I am a regular participant and occasional teacher on the Practices of Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion

My classes are uplifting and strengthening, soulful and grounding. Regular attendance with me will not just upshift your yoga practice but it will bring you into a deeper relationship with your soul/heart. Re-charge your energy or wring out the tension in your body and mind lets practice connecting with the soul and feel into our deepest hearts desires.